Self-knowledge is a key to honoring your individuality. . . . . Knowing your gifts, talents and strengths as well as your challenges brings confidence and empowerment. Recognizing your cycles and energetic patterns allows you to more easily stay on your path and find DELIGHT with the gifts of life. Let your beauty and innate wisdom shine and you will see how your unique style and individual songs add to the choir and the wholeness of life, bringing YOU fulfillment and JOY. Just as each of the pictures of nature is unique and amazingly beautiful so are each one of us with our own individual combination of gifts, talents and blessings to share with the world.

A blessing was passed to me when I was young. I was sent to the Colorado Mountains for the summer where I made friends with a Native American who patiently taught me to communicate with the animals through their eyes without words or gestures. After that summer curiosity kept me searching for every opportunity to learn more about the messages in our eyes. I appreciate the opportunities I’ve had to study and work with gifted teachers where I learned our EYEs are a personal signature of who we are. We are as perfect in our individuality as is every element in nature and together we create the beauty and harmony that brings the BLESSINGS of Life.

An EYE reading can give a new perspective and insight into the amazingly unique individual you are and the most natural ways to use your best qualities and energy, clarifying who you are, unlocking the mysteries of self. I could go on and on about the story the EYEs can tell . . . and I did on the EYE Messaging link where you can also find more information about scheduling an EYE reading with me, receiving an EYE Messaging Report or join my EYE Messaging classes at 12Academy.

“It wasn’t my idea, my wife insisted I have an EYE Reading and thank God. Karen’s eye readings saved our marriage. She recognized our differences and helped us creatively swift those behaviors from the polarized relationship that wasn’t working into a synergistic relationship that makes it all work, and our passion returned. Now I look forward to my eye readings, we get our eyes read together for our anniversary.”
Don O…