Today with all the modern everythings… it is so easy to build a cocoon around ourselves with conveniences and technology which can separate us from recognizing the value of natural cycles and traditions. Everyday there are countless non-verbal and unseen influences pushing and pulling us which we accept as a part of our world. We allow our work schedule and commerce to have more influence over us that our own natural timing. We can become inundated with routines and habits, wanted and unwanted busyness, cell phones, voice mails, e-mails, junk mail, text messages, computer freezes, 24hour cable news, twittering, ipods, errands and responsibilities, Oh my. We sometimes get overwhelmed and out of sync, energetically dizzy. By consciously living in harmony with the seasons we gain balance and an enhanced quality of wellbeing. The seasons teach us to simplify, appreciate the perfection of nature’s abundance, flow with change, let go with grace, honor the moment and look forward to more BLESSINGS.

“Wow? Her talent really shows. Highly professional, positive and liberating. She interpreted my chart so taht I could be aware of my top skills and how to shift shortcomings for the better. She provided valuable timing information that has helped me to best focus my energies and to prepare for the trands that lie ahead. Her combined inuition and experienc supported the readin for my ultimate satisfaction.”