CANDLES . . . . Inspire our Spirit and Empower our Intentions. The warm golden glow of a candle’s flickering flame gracefully dances . . . . attracting our attention, acting as an anchor, reminding and reinforcing the intention for which the candle was lit. Candles have long been revered as messengers caring our prayers and BLESSINGS with faith we sent.

Candle burning is both a psychology and spiritual experience and is as simple or complex as you wish it to be. Candle burning can include aromatherapy, color, crystals, tokens and affirmations as well as rituals and timing to celebrate the season’s events and enhance spiritual practices.

One Candle . . . thousands of possibilities! Instantly change the ambience in your environment, create a mood, invigorate the senses and soften the edges. Enrich your home with warmth and serenity. The simplicity of a white volit candle encourages peace and balance, celebrate a birthday with colorful candles one for each year, meditate with large round pillar candle scented with wooden spices for purpose and focus, combine your candles with flowers for a delicate famine touch or add taper candles for glamour and romance. . . and a lavender glass candle in the guest room is a pleasant surprise evoking comfort. Think of the possibilities from relaxing to festive . . . simple to lavish . . . candles are an easy and delightful way to express yourself. Experience for yourself the JOY and Art of Candle Burning, it becomes a life style.

I INVITE you to join my Candle Classes at 12Academy where the beginner will discover the Magic of Candle Burning and the most seasoned candle connoisseur will value the timely recipes using candles to enhance personal and spiritual growth.

I offer a Candle Burning Service through 12Listen E-mail Service and I am also available by phone at 12Academy for additional questions.

“I love, love, love  your workshops and I look forward to your new tele-classes” Ginny B.