Welcome, your visit is appreciated. I invite you to take a peak at the Fascinating World of EYE Messaging. My hope is to expand awareness and create an appreciation for the Beauty and Wonder of the EYEs. Please come back often and enjoy as the site matures.

Our EYEs are powerful communicators having the ability to:
Express an entire thought with a wink
Convey intense emotion with a tear
Communicate when words fail and SO . . very much more!

The messages conveyed by the EYEs are understood around the world regardless of language. As small chrildren, we instinctively learn to look to the EYE’s for answers . . . We look to see “Is it OK?” “Are you mad?” “Can I trust you?” “Do you love me?”

We often describe people by their EYEs. “I saw the sparkle in his eyes” “His eyes looked tired.” “I fell in love when I looked in her eyes.” “She looked away when I asked her.” “He caught my eye.” We know the meaning behind these looks. Some EYEs draw you in while others warn you to steer clear. There are seductive eyes, the angry eye and . . . I love every time when . . . I see your . . SMILING EYES.

Within the iris of the EYE there are distinctive shapes, streaks and colorations forming patterns and timelines. These markers create a blueprint of our individuality, attractions, interactions. and reactions. These EYEprints are as unique to each individual as are fingerprints. In the field of biometrics, science recognizes more points of comparison in our eyes than are available in our fingerprints.

The EYE’s are a hologram of our energy field, our true natures, gifts and challenges. At the same time, the EYEs are the “lens” through which we view the world. Each of us has our own unique perspective of life, and the map in the iris of our eyes validates some of those unique individual patterns as well as our inherent strengths and can help Unlock the Mysteries of Self.

I INVITE you to join my EYE Messaging Classes at 12Academy, order an EYE Messaging Relationship Report or schedule an appointment with me at 12Listen to discover what your EYEs reveal . . .The better you know yourself the greater your ability to Be the Best you were Born to Be.

“It wasn’t my idea, my wife insisted I have an EYE Reading and thank God. Karen’s eye readings saved our marriage. She recognized our differences and helped us creatively swift those behaviors from the polarized relationship that wasn’t working into a synergistic relationship that makes it all work, and our passion returned. Now I look forward to my eye readings, we get our eyes read together for our anniversary.”
Don O…