I began reading EYEs as a young child and have been professionally reading EYEs for over 30 years. I have read EYEs in many different countries, for all ages from a few days old to 98 years young, people with different beliefs and religions, life styles and values, different goals. As is with our fingerprint each eye pattern is like no other, just as each one of us have our very own personal signature representing our individuality.

We each have our own needs, desires, and missions; we are continually making personal choices about which road to travel to get to where we’re going. Some travel fast to get there quickly and others stop to smell the roses but no matter who we are or where you’re going there are always the times when we stop along side the road to get refreshment, revaluate our situation, shift our energy and carry on. I believe that regardless of our age, our path, our successes, we all benefit from sharing with a caring friend who can help us sort through the webs we’ve weaved, help navigate the challenges, lift our spirits and cast a light on the road ahead.

When faced with life changes or adjusting to changing times I would be honored by your call to assist on your path of personal growth, to lighten your load with clarity and discover the available opportunities that lie ahead. My readings are ALL ABOUT YOU, intended to give you insight and perspective, to inspire and empower you to be the best you were born to be.

I believe we are all Spiritual Souls experiencing an earthly journey that brings challenges, offering new opportunities and blessings always. I believe in simplicity, kindness and JOY. I love nature and honor her wisdom. I know life takes courage, faith and humor. I appreciate individual differences and believe in oneness.

Thank you for your visit and hope you find a “treasure” that will bring a SMILE, reminding you of what you already knew to be true or maybe you’ll find a helpful piece to the puzzle of life. Wishing you Blessings Always