Kind thoughts, feelings and actions are given naturally or freely, unconditionally and often anonymously, they are everywhere but often unrecognized. It’s easy to take the small gifts for granted. When we consciously nurture the practice of noticing and appreciating kind actions we cultivate happiness for others as well as ourselves.   Kindness is food for our Soul.

The Practice of Kindness consists of small unconditional actions . . . as simple as a SMILE . . . a thank you, a word of encouragement, a warm gesture . . . .  lending a listening ear, a helping hand or just be patient when someone needs an extra moment.  When others offers a kind gesture of courtesy, acknowledge their kindness with a nod or wink.  A happy thought, prayer or feeling of joy directed for the benefit of another brings happiness.  Thoughtful considerations come in many forms including animals, plants and all of nature knowing no boundaries.  Where ever we are, we can bring kindness along, we don’t have to agree to act kindly, kindness is a gift we give freely. And always be kind to yourself.  Kindness brings SMILES and Blessings Always.

I INVITE you to join my class at 12Academy for a 1/2 hour of uplifting, heart warming inspiration. Please join me in the Circle of Kindness and let’s all play it forward with KINDNESS.   I am also available by phone at 12Academy.

“You are amazingly gifted, one in a zillion, I always feel better about Me after I have a reading with you.”
“You are a blessing!” Dawn B.