Awake to Simplicity . . . . Design a New Living Style. Learn simple methods and playful techniques to encourage and support a life change that will give you more time, energy and appreciation for the BLESSINGS in life. Simplicity brings freedom, fulfillment and JOY.

I offer Personal Coaching to assist in Designing a New Living Style, creating new patterns and making simple shifts to weed out the clutter, enhancing what you have and attracting more of what you cherish. Where are you stashing your clutter? Sometimes we can see the clutter in our homes and cars, others stash the clutter in their heads, thinking, thinking, and worrying with little resolve, there is also the emotional clutter that can block us from feeling the JOY in life.

When you need a nudge or a helping hand to dust off the past and simplify your life, I INVITE you to join my class at 12Academy. I am also available by phone at 12Academy.

“Absolutely Amazing, I would never have guessed such a simple techniques could make such a positive change in my life. I am so grateful for your help and so is my partner, lol”.
I can’t tell you all the wonderful changes in my life since I started taking your classes I feel better, more organized and balanced. I have a freedom I never felt before, more appreciation for the little things and more time for the important ones. I sleep better and I have time to play for the first time in my life. I could give you a list as long as my arm, but I want you to know how much I appreciate what you have taught me. Why aren’t these simple concepts taught in schools, it’s the foundation for a happy life”. Debbie C.