Guidelines for the Pictures of your EYES:

Pictures of your EYEs are needed. I appreciate your effort in taking this extra step before your reading and I will file your pictures so you will not have to go through this step for your next reading. Your pictures can be deleted immediately upon your request.

Pictures can be any one of the following:

  1. A portrait or close–up picture of your face where eye color and some eye detail can be seen.
  2. A picture taken with your digital camera (instructions below)
  3. Professional EYE pictures taken with an iris camera.

Pictures taken with your digital camera:

  1. When using your digital camera, make sure the flash is on auto and you are on a macro setting. Do not use a zoom setting as this distorts the image.
  2. Take the picture from a distance of 4-6 inches away.
  3. With your eyes wide open and looking directly at the camera lens, take the photo.
  4. Please label the right and left eyes.
  5. Take several photos and review them, you can send more than one set and I will use the best ones. Remember your pictures don’t have to be perfect, feel free to send a portrait as it helps make sure the right and left eyes are viewed correctly. Once your photos are received, you will be contacted by email to schedule your appointment with Karen Kirby at

Blessings Always Reading

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